PLAY Smart

Most likely you have landed on our site because you are searching for training for your son or daughter.  Let our trained coaches prepare your child to compete at a higher level.



San Diego PBC Club program provides a more competitive training program for boys 3rd Grade through High School.



Through our training, as players develop a better understanding of the fundamentals, their confidence to play the game grows.  As their confidence grows, so does their effort on the floor.  Education inspires effort.



San Diego PBC Camps provide young players the opportunity to develop a better understanding of the skills, techniques and fundamentals of the game of basketball.


PLAY Together

So much goes into preparing young basketball players for success.  As a player, if you have the skills, but don't understand the importance of being a great teammate, then your team is set up for failure.  As coaches, we train our players to celebrate their teammates success, encourage one another through good plays and bad, and facilitate team bonding events such as community service projects and out-of-town tournaments.



San Diego PBC Lessons provide the more serious basketball athlete the opportunity to fine tune the more technical aspects of the game.  With one on one instruction, lessons are catered to the exact needs of the player.


PLAY Positive

As the saying goes, feel good, play good.  As coaches, we understand the value of staying positive for the players while helping them to understand the areas where improvement is needed.  We model this behavior for the players so that when they become leaders on future teams or even leaders in their own communities, these life lessons will stick and become who they are.